To understand why a Murano Glass products is so important and particular we have to take step back and look at it’s history . In fact, the fame of Murano as a centre of glass processing was born when the republic of Venice, to prevent the burning of the city’s building (at the time largely build of wood) , ordered the glassmakers to move the factories to Murano in 1291. Over the years the master glassmakers have specialised more and more to create real works of art. Even today the workmanship remains traditional and ancient traditions are maintained such as the presence of at least one glass master in every company. The masters of glass are real artists, they are creative and create real works of art. The process of creating Murano glass is rather complex. Most of the production is made with the blowing technique. The glass is made of silica dust, and liquefied at high temperatures (1600 degrees). Before the glasses passes from the liquid to the solid state, there is an interval in which the glass is soft and malleable before it hardens completely, allowing the craftsman to shape the material, first blowing inside the barrel on which there is it is the glass, then giving it the desired shape. Te creation of these works of art can only be maintained if customers understand the importance and workmanship behind every craft work. Unfortunately, in recent years there has been an increase in imitation and counterfeiting of glass, so a group of companies and individuals have created a brand to certify the authenticity of Murano glass. On our site you will find only products made with Murano glass and related certifications. We try to preserve the quality, the authenticity of the products and their craftsmanship. This is why we are convinced that craftsmanship must be valued and protected. So please be local and buy local!