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To understand why a Murano Glass products is so important and particular we have to take step back and look at it’s history . In fact, the fame of Murano as a center of glass processing was born when the republic of Venice, to prevent the burning of the city’s building (at the time largerly build of wood) , ordered the glassmakers to move the factories to Murano in 1291.Continue Reading
Until the Digital Age, typography was a specialized occupation. Digitization opened up typography to new generations of previously unrelated designers and lay users, and David Jury, head of graphic design at Colchester Institute in England, states that “typography is now something everybody does. As the capability to create typography has become ubiquitous, the application of principles and best practices developed over generations of skilled workers and professionals has diminished. Ironically, at a time when scientific techniques.Continue Reading
Recent years have seen a growing trend on using a lampworking technique on the work of the glass . In the past, this technique was passed down from father to son and it seemed almost to have lost all it’s importance. However, this technique is done through a “burner” commonly called “toch” in which oxygen and methan gas are mixed to obtain proper combustion , so that we can get enough hot flame, within which glass rods can be melted.Continue Reading